Friday, October 9, 2015

Au Revoir, France

LRC's elegy for the Jews of/in that EU nation.

Sheema Khan's "Discrimination" Sob Story

Poor Sheema Khan. She's been in Canada for 50 years, but now that Stephen Harper wants Muslim chicks to remove their sharia facial shmattas when reciting the Oath of Citizenship, she is feeling--quelle horreur--like "the other":
“Too broken to write,” I told my editor, after the onslaught of Conservative announcements. The niqab was condemned. Citizenship was revoked for convicted terrorists with dual citizenship. Canadians were reminded of “barbaric cultural practices,” and the federal government’s preference for mainly non-Muslim Syrian refugees was reiterated. Make no mistake: This divisive strategy is meant to prey upon fear and prejudice...
Make no mistake: this "divisive strategy" is an after-the-fact acknowledgement of "jihad is the way; sharia is the goal," and how it threatens the West.

In claiming that she now feels like "a second-class citizen" (even though she is no such thing), Khan fails to point out that, under the terms of Islamic law, that's exactly what dhimmis are--second class and subject to onerous strictures designed to make 'em cry uncle and become Muslim.

The Canadian Arab Federation Endorses Mulcair's NDP in Upcoming Election

The Zion-despising CAF is really big on Canadian Arabs/Muslims flexing their electoral muscle in the upcoming election, with the following provisoes (my bolds):
=> Canadian Arabs and Muslims have a great responsibility to VOTE in this election. So much is at stake not only for minorities but for the whole of Canada.
=> The NDP appears to be the party that will best serve Canada and the Canadian people and reverse the negative effects the Harper Conservatives have had over their nine years in power. They responded positively to all the points we raised and have been advocating on the same positions throughout their time as official opposition.
=> The Green Party has advocated many important causes and abides by high moral standards. It is a strong defender of human rights and minority rights and its influence on the political arena is important although it is not poised to form the government or be a major partner in a ruling coalition.
=> The Bloc is a regional marginal party that has espoused xenophobic and anti-Muslim positions in the past. Their chance to form the government or be a part of a ruling coalition is practically non-existent.
=> The Liberal Party did not respond to our letter, to date. They have taken positive positions supporting religious freedoms and Canadian citizens abroad yet they supported Bill C-51. Their positions are close to the Conservatives in many cases especially in foreign policies.
=> The Conservative Party has not responded to our letter nor acknowledged it. Their policies over the years they spent in power had devastating effects on freedoms, liberties and tolerance in Canada. Their foreign policies negatively affected Canada’s position as a respected peace and human rights defending country.
Poor Justin Trudeau--all that concerted pandering and, a la his mama's rebuff in his childhood, he gets no lovin' from these Muslims.

Homeland Gets It. Why Can't Obama?

Probably a Good Move--And What Took You So Long?

Obama Administration Ends Pentagon Program to Train Syrian Rebels--what, all 5 of 'em?

Update: Islamic State advances over wide swathes of Aleppo, activists report

Don't Miss Steyn on Stossel's "Free Speech" Special on Fox This Saturday

Here are the topics that will be addressed during Stossel's Censored in America, on the Fox News Channel:
My latest special will air this Saturday 10/10 on FNC at 8PM ET
America is the first country to say to its people: all of you have a right to speak. But today speech is under siege.
ISLAM: Americans fear speaking about Islam - and with good reason. Ten cartoonists were recently murdered for drawing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. Other critics have been shot, firebombed, and hacked to death. I interview people brave enough to speak out, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is on an Al Qaeda "Wanted Dead or Alive" hit list, and Bosch Fawstin, who won the "Draw Mohammad" cartoon event in Garland, Texas that was attacked by Islamic gunmen. They argue that if Americans want freedom, everyone must refuse to be censored by violent extremists.
CAMPUS CENSORSHIP: Students today are kept away from words and ideas they may find disturbing. "The Silencing" author, Kirsten Powers, says colleges are "ground zero" in the fight for free speech, but George Mason Professor Jeremy Mayer says complaints about censorship are right wing paranoia. Powers also argues that leftists have gone from opposing censorship to supporting it. They even attack their own for stepping outside left-wing orthodoxy; people who say the wrong thing lose jobs.
HOME RAIDS: In Wisconsin, police raided the homes of political activists, accusing them of illegal "collusion" with campaign staffs. Authorities confiscated their computers and cell phones, and ordered them (and their children!) not to speak to anyone about the raids. Recently Wisconsin's Supreme Court revoked the speech ban, saying prosecutors "employed theories of law that did not exist." But by then, Republican activists had been silenced for 5 years.
VICTIMS: The former CEO of Mozilla Brendan Eich, Pax Dickinson of Business Insider, Paula Deen of the Food Network, and real estate entrepreneurs David and Jason Benham all lost jobs because of something they said.
MY AND MARK STEYN'S TAKE: Mark Steyn was prosecuted by the Canadian government for criticizing Islam. He spent his own money defending his right to speak and won. He explains why more speech, not less, is the answer to diverse ideas. Half a century ago, gay rights was an extremely minority idea. "It's only could argue your case...that a tiny little minority idea expanded." That doesn't happen in "control freak societies," like the Muslim world, where "there's nothing left to do but kill, and bomb, and shoot."
Airs this Saturday 10/10 on FNC at 8PM ET
A subject that likely won't be discussed: if mosqueteer Justin Trudeau becomes Canada's prime minister, you can be sure that "free speech" will take a tumble and that sharia-compliant speech (i.e. "don't you be sayin' anything sassy about Muslims or any aspect of Islam") will become the order of the day.

"Underperforming; Nefarious; Repressive; Wasteful; and Anemic"

Put it all together it spells UNRWA, one of the UN's worst of the worst.

In related news, BDS is short for "Bullsh*t; Deception; and Stupidity."

Update: Shocked! Shocked! Former Head of UN General Assembly Charged in $1-3 Million Bribery Scheme

And the the Winner of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Is...A Bunch of Tunisians You've Never Heard Of

In a surprise announcement, the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet has been tapped for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

The foursome is being honoured for staving off civil war in their country in the wake of the "Arab Spring" (remember that?), which, as you may recall, got its start in Tunisia.

Since Canada's prime minister is currently being eviscerated by the squish-wing media for supposedly having the chutzpah/"heartlessness" to actually want to vet Syrian "refugees" before they get here, my question for the Tunisian prize-winners is this: how many Syrians (who, after all, are your Arab brothers and sisters) have you let into your land? I suspect that the answer is: not very many.

Here's the harmonious Tunisian quartet--along with special guest star, a bearded Sting--singing an old Police number; here's hoping they regale the Nobel committee with it during this year's acceptance ceremony.

Update: The best thing about the Tunisians picking up the Peace prize--John Kerry and an Iranian wannabe-genocidaire don't get to go to Norway to collect theirs.

A Plea to Canadian Voters: CLEFT THE LEFT, Please

I'm hoping as many as possible Liberal, NDP and Green Party followers will turn out to vote in this year's federal election. That way, they will CLEFT THE LEFT, and we won't have to worry about hug-deprived pisher Justin Trudeau working out his mommy issues by becoming our next prime minister.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Omar Khadr's Lawyer Dennis Edney Has a Warning For Canadian Muslims: Be Vewy, Vewy Afwaid

Er, sorry, I think I got him confused with another fear-monger.

What attorney Edney really said (to a reporter for an Ontario university newspaper) was this:
I see a country far more divisive than I have ever seen in the 29 years I have been here. I’m scared. If I was a Muslim, I would be very scared. We’re doing the same politics of fear that Hitler used against the Jews, that Bush used in the war on terror.
Hitler didn't use "a politics of fear." He whipped up out-and-out hatred against Jewry--and stole every one of their civil rights from them--because of his own loony idea that the Jews were a bacteria which posed an existential threat to humanity, and he was just the man to kill 'em all and save mankind.

But, yeah, I can sort of see how you could mix that up with a request that a chick remove her sharia face mask while reciting the Canadian citizenship oath.

BFFs Omie and Denny relaxing at home

Obama Instructs His Minions Samantha and John to Boycott Bibi's UN Speech? Message Received

Vic Rosenthal thinks he knows what the snub really meant:
We get it, Obama. We get that you don’t like us for deep ideological reasons. We got it last summer when you took the wrong side during our conflict with Hamas in Gaza, and on so many other occasions since you became president. We get it that you want to see us with indefensible borders surrounded by enemies armed to the teeth by Iran with money that you provided as part of your nuclear deal.
We understand that your sympathies lie with the Muslim world, not with the ‘colonialist’ West, which you view as the root of evil in the world. We understand how your intellectual laziness and ignorance led you to accept the anti-Western post-colonial worldview overall and the ‘Palestinian’ narrative in particular. You heard it from your mentors Edward Said and Rashid Khalidi, among others, and you didn’t have the tools to distinguish fact from falsehood. 
Actually, while this is a problem for us, it is a much bigger problem for the people of America, who are nervous about your apparent anti-Americanism and your uncomfortable closeness to Islam, who don’t trust Iran and don’t see how the deal you made is going to keep the terror-supporting regime from getting nuclear weapons. 
But you don’t know how to play it smart. Maybe you could have fooled us at one point — you certainly fooled many Americans, and continue to fool the ones that have been seduced by the syrupy cult of personality that your sycophants have built around you. But stupid moves like this one give you away. 
Israel doesn’t trust you. We know what you are. We are well acquainted — both the Jewish people and the leadership of the state of Israel — with those that despise us. We have a history of thousands of years of dealing with your kind. Unlike you, our PM has studied history, not just ideology. We know better than to accept your assurances or believe your promises. 
Israel will take the steps it needs to take to protect herself despite your attempts to prevent her from doing so. And I hope that a future American president will strengthen the relationship between two peoples that love freedom and democracy that you have worked so hard to tear apart.
If that future president is Hillary Clinton, I wouldn't bet on it.