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Barack Obama's Mojito Diplomacy Ignores Cuba's Ongoing Connection to Terrorist Organizations

Now that Barack Obama has summarily decided to let bygones be bygones with the Castros of Cuba, it's a good time to recall that for decades now, Cuba has given aid and shelter to the worst of the worst. They include such terrorist groups as
BPP - Black Panther Party - Founded in the United States in 1966 by Huey P.
Newton and Bobby Seale. It adopted Marxist-Leninist principles along with
urban guerrilla warfare, and a structure similar to the American Communist

DGI - Directrio General de Inteligencia - The Cuban Department in charge of
collecting intelligence and carrying out covert operations outside Cuba.

DA - America Department - Centralized control over Cuban activities for
supporting national liberation movements, responsible for planning and
coordinating Cuba's secret guerrilla and terrorist camps, and propaganda

DLN - National Liberation Directorate - Organization created in Cuba to
support revolutionary groups throughout the world. Responsible for planning
and coordinating Cuba's terrorist training camps in the island, covert
movement of personnel and military supplies from Cuba, and propaganda

EGP - Ejercito Guerrillero de los Pobres - A political-military
Marxist-Leninist organization that followed Cuba and Vietnam as
revolutionary models. This Guatemalan insurgent organization was trained in
Cuba and was very active during the 1970s, seeking to depose the political
and military structure of the country.

ELF - Eritrean Liberation Front - The most influential Eritrean organization
fighting for secession from Ethiopia in the 1960s, actively supported by the
Cuban and Syrian regime since 1965. Various internal divisions developed
later on until the late 1970s, when a new front was built based on very
different domestic and external alliances and, eventually led the Eritreans
to victory. Cuba's support to Mengistu Haile Mariam's regime in 1978 meant
the cessation of previous Cuban backing to the Eritrean cause.

ELN - National Liberation Army - Organized by the Castro regime, this
Colombian Marxist insurgent group was founded in 1965. Its main terrorist
activities includes kidnapings and extortion targeting foreign employees of
large corporations.

ETA - Basque Separatist Movement - This organization was founded by
militants and leftist students from the University of Madrid in 1962. They
formed guerilla units that commit violent terrorist acts claiming that they
are fighting for freedom of the Basque Region, in Spain. This group has
close relations with the IRA. The two groups have offices in Havana and
their members have found safe haven in Cuba.

FALN - Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional  - A Venezuelan guerrilla
organization trained by Cuba in violence and terrorism.

FARC - Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - Established in 1964, the
FARC is the oldest and best-equipped Marxist insurgency in Colombia. It is a
well-organized terrorist group that controls several rural and urban areas.
It has received financial and military aid from Cuba and many of its members
were trained in Havana.

FATAH - Palestine National Liberation Movement - Founded in 1959 by younger
generations of Palestinians that had experienced the defeats of 1948 and
1956. The FATAH are strongly committed to a radical nationalist platform to
fight for Palestine and against Arab intervention and manipulations of the
Palestinian problem. Mostly an underground organization until the June War
in 1967 when it transformed itself into the most powerful and influential
party inside Palestinian and Arab politics.

FLN - Front de Liberation National - The political and military organization
that led the war of national liberation against French colonial rule between
1954 and 1962. Ruling political party until the 1980s in Algeria.

FMLN - Farabundo Mart  National Front - Formed in 1970, the FMLN is a
terrorist Marxist-Leninist organization intent on establishing a communist
revolutionary regime in El Salvador. The FMLN was extremely active in its
terrorist campaign, receiving assistance from Nicaragua and Cuba.

FSLN - Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional - This organization was
founded in Havana in 1961 when Carlos Fonseca-Amador's Nicaraguan Patriotic
Youth organization merged with Tomas Borge's Cuban-supported insurgent
group. The group adopted Marxist-Leninist ideology and gained support from
the Castro government, employing low-level guerrilla warfare and urban
terrorism tactics to overthrow the Somoza dictatorship.

IRA - Irish Republican Army - The IRA is the most dangerous terrorist
organization of Northern Ireland dating back to the early 1920s. Although,
it wasn't until the 1970's when the IRA began terrorist actions and
resurrected the historical conflicts. The IRA targets political
transformation for United Ireland by eliminating Britain from Northern
Ireland and replacing the government of Northern Ireland with a socialist
government. Its Latin American headquarters are in Havana.

LASO - Latin American Solidarity Organization - A Cuban controlled
organization founded during the 1966 Tri-Continental Conference in Havana to
"coordinate and foment the fight against North American imperialism."

M-19 - Movimiento 19 de Abril - A Castro supported group formed in 1974 to
disrupt Colombia's government through acts of terrorism and violence. The
M-19 was very active throughout the 1980s receiving assistance and training
from the Montoneros and Tupamaros groups and the Cuban government, causing
Colombia to temporarily sever diplomatic relations with Cuba.

M-6-14 - Agrupacion Politica Catorce de Junio - Dominican guerrilla
organization trained in Cuba.

MACHETEROS - This terrorist organization is composed of four Puerto Rican
groups: 1) the Macheteros, 2) the Ejercito Popular Boracua (EPB), 3) the
Movimiento Popular Revolucionario, and 4) the Partido Revolucionario de
Trabajadores Puertorrique±os.  Most of the Macheteros have been trained in
Cuba, were they have established relations with other terrorist groups. They
are responsible for several terrorist acts within the United States and
throughout Puerto Rico.

MIR - Movimiento de la Izquierda Revolucionaria - A Chilean insurgent
organization founded in 1965 and supported by Castro. The MIR was very
active in the mid-1970s when they promoted violence and occupied several
rural areas in Chile. The group encountered several set backs during the
1980s that essentially ended their activity.

MONTONEROS - An Argentinean guerilla organization that was formed in 1968 as
a Peronist urban anti-government group. It adopted a Marxist ideology in the
mid-1970s after it united with the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de
Argentina. In 1977, many of its members were exiled and its numbers reduced
to less than 300.

MRTA - Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement - Marxist-Leninist revolutionary
organization formed in 1983 and supported by the Castro regime. The MRTA's
intent was to establish a Marxist regime in Peru through terrorism, although
Peru's counter terrorism program diminished the groups' ability to
effectively carry out terrorist attacks.

NLF - National Front for the Liberation of South Yemen - Created in 1962 in
the course of the revolution in North Yemen against the monarchy and
supported by Nasser, the NLF is another important and successful branch of
the Arab Nationalist Movement. Since 1965 it has had very close relations
with Cuba. In 1966-1967, it broke with Nasser and finally forced the British
to negotiate and evacuate Aden.

OSPAAL [OSPAAAL] - Organization for the Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and
Latin America - Founded in 1966 in Cuba at the Tri-Continental Conference,
this organization aims to support the struggle of the people of Africa, Asia
and Latin America against imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism.

PLO - Palestine Liberation Organization - This organization was founded in
Cairo in 1964 under the auspices of Egypt (then known as the United Arab
Republic) to serve Nasser's manipulations of the Palestinian cause. The
group was composed mostly of conservative Palestinian intellectuals and
bureaucrats serving Arab governments. The PLO was an instrument of Nasser's
foreign policy until the June War of 1967, when the old PLO leadership
collapsed to be replaced by FATEH's leadership headed by Arafat.

POLISARIO - People's Front for the Liberation of Western Sahara and Rio del
Oro  - The Frente POLISARIO was inspired by the ANM tradition and the
Algerian FLN and was created to fight against the
Spanish-Morrocan-Mauritinian arrangements to split the former colony of
Sagu a el Hamra/Rio del Oro (known as Western Sahara) between the two
African states. This group enjoyed active support from Algeria and Libya and

of the Arab Nationalist Movement (ANM), created in the 1950s as radical
followers of Nasser. After the June War of 1967, the group disassociated
itself from Nasser and focused on building a more radical alternative within
the Palestinians under the name of Popular Front. The group has strong
alliances within Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, and the Gulf, and was heavily
engaged in terrorist activities during the 1970s.

TRICONTINENTAL - Cuban publication disseminated by the Organization for the
Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAL) [OSPAAAL] in four
languages: Spanish, English, French, and Italian / promoting the Castro line
of armed struggle.

TUPAMAROS or MNL - Movimiento Nacional de Liberacion Tupamaros -  This
Uruguay insurgent group was organized in the early 1960s by law student Raul
Sendic. The Tupamaros were one of the first terrorist groups to use
guerrilla warfare in urban areas and established independent terrorist cells
throughout the country.

WORLD MATHABA - A Libyan project from the late 1970s to promote political,
financial, and military support for revolutionary movements throughout the
world. Ghaddafi called on other "revolutionary governments" to support this
project, which Cuba did.  MATHABA was essentially a tool in the hands of the
Libyans to project their individual goals and agenda. Financial and military
assistance was never a collective decision, but responded for the most part
to bilateral arrangements between Ghaddafi's regime and individual
organizations, some of which resorted, at different stages, to terrorist
methods like the IRA and ETA. Insurgencies in Central America, like the
Sandinistas and others, were privileged beneficiaries along with the African
National Congress, Frente POLISARIO, and others.
So has Cuba suddenly turned over a new leaf? Doubtful. But why would that stop Barack Obama, friend of ex-Weatherman Bill Ayers and someone who's sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, from establishing a relationship with these terrorism-abettors?

Funny, They Don't Look German

In light of Jeb Bush putting out feelers re a possible run for the presidency, Mark Steyn replays some comments he made earlier this year:
Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton now and forever, at least until George P Bush marries Chelsea Clinton and the two ruling houses are consolidated into one House of Bush-Clinton-Rodham-Coburg-Gotha.
Tee hee. Thanks, for my laugh of the morn, Mark.
Bush-Clinton-Rodham-Coburg-Gotha family portrait?

EU Court Removes Hamas from Official List of Terrorist Outfits

Oh, not because Hamas is no longer committed to waging violent jihad; its dedication to the genocidal aims of its Charter remains as steadfast as ever. But you can always count on the EUnuchs to find some way to let Hamas off the hook because of who its enemy is, and because they hate Israel far more than they fear Hamas. Here's how it all went down:
Hamas should no longer be included on an influential list of international terrorist organisations, an EU court has ruled. 
The General Court of the European Union, the second-highest court in the bloc, found that the inclusion of the group was not based on a "concrete examination" of Hamas's acts but on "imputations derived from the media and the internet". 
In a statement, the court acknowledged that Hamas contests its inclusion on the list, maintained since it was created in 2001. Regularly reviewed, the list allows the bloc to freeze funds going towards those named, and acts as "a regulation to combat terrorism", the court said. 
The court said it was nevertheless maintaining the effects of the measures for three months in order to ensure that any possible future freezing of funds would be effective. 
And in a statement, the court stressed that taking Hamas off the list was a decision taken on "procedural grounds", rather than implying "any substantive assessment of the question of the classification of Hamas as a terrorist group".
Like the deceased Sydney jihadi, who should have been shipped back to Iran years ago, Hamas got off on a technicality.

Update: Israel ain't impressed.

Lawfare In Action: Posties Go Postal on Wiesenthal and Sun TV

Who needs Section 13 (the late, unlamented "hate speech"/cesorship component of our Human Rights Code) when you can channel your affront into a genuine lawsuit? CUPW shows us how its done:
TORONTO — One of Canada’s largest unions is suing Sun Media Corp. and Avi Benlolo, president and CEO of Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, for saying it supports terrorism.  
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) is seeking $250,000 in damages for defamation from Sun Media’s parent company, Quebecor Media Inc., alleging it was smeared in a Sun News Network segment last summer.  
The July 24 segment, titled Hamas, CUPW Flags Fly on Parliament Hill, which featured host Jerry Agar and guest Benlolo, blasted CUPW members for taking part in a pro-Palestinian protest in Ottawa the day before.  
The broadcast said CUPW banners were flown near Hamas flags, and pointed out that Hamas is a banned terrorist organization in Canada.  
A statement of claim filed in Ottawa on behalf of the union said the broadcast made “many untrue, disparaging statements about CUPW and its members,” including that CUPW has often “lent [its] support to terrorist organizations,” and that it “has a history of partnering up with hate groups.”  
Agar and Benlolo “wrongfully state” that CUPW supports or partners with terrorist and hate groups, and Hamas in particular, the claim said. None of the allegations have been tested in court.  
The segment remains available on the Sun News website...
There's a certain irony/sense of just desserts here in that Benlolo was one of the country's most vocal proponents of Section 13 (because, foolishly, he thought it was an effective and expedient way to tackle Jew-hate). He is now discovering what it's like to be on the receiving end of what is essentially an attempt to censor/silence him.

As for CUPW, its Zionhass is longstanding, pervasive and hideous:
VANCOUVER, Canada (JTA) — The Canadian government called on the country’s postal workers union to apologize for using its monthly newsletter to attack Israel. 
Canada "plays a key part in perpetuating war crimes" by Israel, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers’ March newsletter read, according to the Toronto Sun. 
"Canada is allowing Israel to terrorize occupied people, breach international law, normalize home demolitions, build prison-style walls and checkpoints, and steal resources," the newsletter continued. 
Steven Fletcher, the government minister responsible for the postal service, criticized the union’s statements. 
"CUPW should apologize for this misuse of public funds and its anti-Israeli rhetoric," he said. 
The union acknowledged that it used union dues to send letter carrier and activist Ruth Breen to protest in the West Bank last year, according to the Sun. However, also last year, the union refused to pay for members to attend a Free Palestine conference in Brazil, the Canada Post reported. 
The postal workers’ union, known for a history of activism outside of labor causes, was the first Canadian union to call for a boycott of Israel when it did so in 2008. The union has 54,000 members.
The saving grace here: mail carriers are being mothballed, and the Israel-loathing union will soon shrink to the point of irrelevance.

To Add Insult to Injury, the Deceased Sydney Jihadi Wasn't On a Watch List But Was Receiving Welfare

He might have been shipped back to Iran years ago but for one technicality:
SYDNEY — Iran tried to extradite the gunman behind Sydney's deadly hostage crisis years ago, Tehran's top cop said, amid questions over how the self-styled cleric had found his way to Australia but not onto a watch list. Man Haron Monis, a 50-year-old born in Iran, took 17 people hostage inside a downtown Sydney cafe on Monday. He was killed when police stormed the cafe to free the captives. Two hostages also died.        
Monis grew up in Iran as Mohammad Hassan Manteghi. In 1996, he established a travel agency, but took his clients' money and fled, Iran's police chief, Gen. Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam, told the country's official IRNA news agency Tuesday. Australia accepted him as a refugee around that time. The police chief said Iran tried to have Monis extradited from Australia in 2000, but that it didn't happen because Iran and Australia don't have an extradition agreement.
Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he wanted to know how Monis had been granted permanent residency and why he had been receiving welfare benefits for years, despite being able-bodied "if not necessarily of sound mind."
He was out on bail. He'd been successfully gaming the Oz kafirs for years. He knew exactly what he believed and why he believed it (it was right there in black and white, after all). To me, that sounds far sounder, mind-wise, than Tony making feeble excuses for a jihadi who was heeding the age-old command to wage jihad.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Description of "Islamophobia" Session at Upcoming Reviving the Islamic Spirit Confab Incorporates the Usual Zionhass (Ironically Enough)

What would a RIS conference be without the usual Victims-R-Us/Israel sucks spin? This is the description of one of the sessions:
Code Red: Taking Islamophobia Seriously  
Recent polls show that more than two-thirds of Westerners don’t like Islam and are wary of Muslims. While this trend is alarming, it should not surprise us. A well-greased anti-Islam machine has been churning out Islamophobic material for decades and with increasingly vicious and effective methods. The recent rise of ISIS in the Middle East and constant news cycles that focus on Westerners about to be beheaded have provided much grist for the media mill of Islamophobia. Hamas shoots rockets into Israeli territory that when compared to Israeli weaponry is comparable to shooting firecrackers, and the response is disproportionately harsh – “shock and awe” – leaving many Palestinians dead or injured and countless without homes, water, schools, and basic infrastructure. With the increasing hatred toward Islam and Muslims, it is even harder to get people to sympathize with the Palestinians. These problems affect us all, both here and abroad. Recently, one imam declared the situation “code red,” a medical term for a life-threatening emergency. What steps can we take to redress the distorted image of Islam in the minds of so many people? Muslims themselves are conflicted: do we repeatedly denounce every evil that is done in our religion’s name, or do we try and reframe the public discourse to focus on the wrongs that have brought about many of the crises? With so many Muslim countries spiraling out of control, this only adds more fuel to the Islamophobic fire. What should be done? What can we actively do to help mitigate the crisis and make more people understand that the enemy is not Islam but the ignorance of Islam?
The enemy is the jihad imperative that serves the aims and ends of Islamic supremacism. Until they're prepared to admit that truth--and there isn't a hope in Hades of that happening at the moment--it is clear there is nothing they "actively can do to mitigate the crisis."

This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine

They're Clueless? They're Doggedly Leftist No Matter What? They Have Poopy for Brains?

Those are but a few reasons I would give re "Why Jews still back Obama." The author of the article with that headline is rather more discursive:
[Jews' continuing support for Obama] just can’t be explained away as traditional Jewish-American liberalism (not that there’s anything wrong with that). President Jimmy Carter only got 45 percent of the Jewish vote in 1980, running against Ronald Reagan and independent John Anderson. History shows it takes more than a big “D” after your name to win Jewish support. 
In Obama’s case, his continued popularity with Jewish voters rests on several accomplishments: Obamacare, which a 2012 American Jewish Committee survey found popular with Jews (if not all Jewish doctors); the economy, which you might remember was barely breathing before Obama and his team resuscitated it and rescued the automobile industry; and his approach to immigration reform and the environment. Poll after poll shows these rank high among Jewish voters. 
What about Israel? Jews don’t blame Obama for what is widely seen as frosty relations between the administration and the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Only 21 percent in a recent poll said Netanyahu’s actions have helped American-Israeli relations.  
And there is also this: Support for Obama is informed by a deep distrust of the forces arrayed against him. Mainstream, economically conservative but socially liberal Republican voices with thoughtful foreign policy solutions who could credibly counter Obama have taken a back seat in their party to more hysterical, radically right voices. In the back of their minds, Jewish voters have to be wondering, “If not him, then who?
Like I said. Clueless. Doggedly leftist no matter what. Brains o' mush.

Sydney Syndrome

That's my name for the psychological condition that would give rise to this sort of reflexive, feel-good "compassion" campaign.

Ottawa U. Prof Thinks Kids--Even Babies--Should Get the Vote

Only someone who's really smart could come up with something this stupid.

Usefully Idiotic Jewess Who Defecated on Israeli Flag Gets Funding From Self-Righteous European Zion-Loathers

What a sweetheart!:
Back in April, Israelis were horrified by the sight of a young performance artist named Natalie Cohen-Waxberg who turned up at Yad Vashem, the national Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, wearing a fake crown and intensely-applied red lipstick, and claiming to personify the “Holocaust.” For several minutes, Cohen-Waxberg screeched insults such as “Who provided the IDF its human resources straight from the oven?” and “I am the best thing that ever happened to the Jews!” at visitors to the memorial.
By November, that horror had turned to sheer nausea, when Cohen-Waxberg released a video of herself defecating on the Israeli flag – an artistic effort that this time landed her in court on charges of “desecrating a national symbol.”
But most shocking of all is the revelation that Cohen-Waxberg’s activities have been funded, in part, by foreign governments and agencies.
In her Holocaust video, Cohen-Waxberg is flanked by an actor playing the part of her bodyguard. In real life, the “actor” is Eitan Bronstein, the founder of Zochrot, a radical Israeli NGO which unconditionally promotes the notion that the creation of Israel was, for the Palestinians, a “Naqba” – Arabic for “catastrophe.”
As Israeli watchdog NGO Monitor has noted, in 2013, Zochrot, which vocally supports the BDS campaign against Israel, received a staggering $500,000 in grants from foreign donors, many of them church organizations who receive taxpayer funds from their national governments. Among the groups’ financiers are Oxfam in the UK, Trocaire in Ireland, the church-based ICCO from The Netherlands and Germany’s Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.
They are sick in the head, the lot of 'em.