Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sudden Jihad Syndrome Takes Hold of Ahmad LeConverti (Ahmad the Converted), Who Mows Down Two Infidel Canadian Soldiers With His Car

The cops shot him, so it's virgin time for the late Ahmad (who pre-reversion was known as plain old Martin Rouleau). Had he lived, though, I can see police handing him a copy of that RCMP-endorsed anti-radicalization manual, can't you?

Update: One of the soldiers hit by Ahmad has died.

Dear NatPo: Time to Retire the Pre-9/11 Photo of Mark Steyn You Always Use and Take a New One

Another delicious dispatch from the culture wars--excerpted from Mark Steyn's newly-launched book--shows up today, this time in the National Post. The book may be new, but the photo featured in paper paper's double spread is of Steyn circa--oh, I dunno--say, 1997?, at the height of his Seth Rogan-esque bushy-bearded Jew-fro days.

C'mon, NatPo editors. Can't you find--or, better yet, take--a photo of the man that's at least from this decade, if not this millennium?

Update: While hunting down the photo of "Seth" Steyn, I came across this--an interview from 2007. Thought I'd post this bit because the first line of his response (which I've italicized) jibes with my own p.o.v.:
BC: Personally, I think your strongest attribute as a writer is your sense of humor but was there ever a time when it proved a detriment? Did editors ever criticize you for not being “serious enough”? 
Mark Steyn: Well I think there’s a tendency in this country to separate funny stuff from serious stuff and that’s a mistake. You might say that’s the secret behind the decline of the American newspaper as they put serious stuff in one section of the paper and funny stuff over in the corner by the bar code. If you’re funny then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be funny in regards to war, jihad, death, and disease. That’s the main difference between us and the enemy we’re facing. They’re not what you’d call a barrel of laughs. Ayatollah Khomeini said that there is no humor in Islam and he lived a life to prove it.  
An Imam in Afghanistan clarified the Taliban’s position on music; he said that people weren’t allowed to listen and weren’t allowed to enjoy it. These guys make for hilarious enemies. No, humor is an important and vital weapon. It makes people understand that we simply cannot allow ourselves to lose this fight. Furthermore, humor clarifies positions wonderfully. The one thing that spoke well of Julius Nyerere is that he kept a copy of Evelyn Waugh’s Black Mischief on his nightstand, but what’s tragic is that if he read the novel it made no impression on him as his actions show that he never really understood it.
"Born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad"--Steyn was; Waugh was; me, too.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Who Is That Toy For, Exactly?

Just in time for Christmas, Toys-R-Us will be carrying a Breaking Bad meth-making action figure.

Where did you go G.I. Joe? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you...

Quel Shockeroo--Mark Steyn Isn't the First Conservative Writer Whose Book Has Been Trashed on Amazon By Drive-By Basher "Hello Jimmy!"

In the run up to his book launch, Mark Steyn posted the, erm, appreciative words of someone who calls himself "Hello Jimmy!," a name that sounds much friendlier than his comments read. Apropos Steyn's latest, H.J.! says,
I've read many of the pieces contained in this collection before. It's the same old claptrap and pablum that excites the loins of the conservative lemmings in this country--the kind of fact-free red meat for right-wingers to which they can pleasure themselves. (The irony that this collection opens with a story about Viagra is not lost upon me.)

Of course, since this is a book of previous writings, Mark Steyn literally (you know...that word that Sean Hannity literally loves to say???) has nothing new to contribute. It's all been written, said, and done before--and then repeated ad nauseam on right-wing radio and Fox Newz. And since it's all intellectually, logically, and factually flawed, it's been rendered useless to rational humans.

Of course, that won't stop the right-wingers from buying this book. When P.T. Barnum made his most famous quote, he seriously underestimated the birthrate in this country. And what's that one about the hasty parting between fools and their money???
Hilariously, H.J.'s rant has so far elicited 43 beg-to-differ comments as compared to the one or two who have commented on the other reviews, which are all pro-Steyn. And perhaps most amusingly, Steyn fan Jeff Theismann addresses H.J.! directly:
Hello Jimmy. I hope you get the help you need. You have now completed 20 Amazon reviews. Of those 20, an amazing 19 of those were of books written by conservatives; you afforded each of these books 1 star (even the ones not even released yet!). The only other being a review of the "Old Dutch 16-Ounce Solid Copper Hammered Moscow Mule Mug" which you praised with 5 stars. For such a voracious reader, who seems to dislike all books written by conservatives it is amazing that you have never written a review for a book written by a liberal. Some have suggested that you are making up your reviews as none of them are listed as "verified purchase" except for the mug that you love. However, if you did indeed read all those books, please be aware that subjecting yourself to only things that you don't like (hate?) is symptomatic of a mental health disorder. As I said earlier, I hope you get the help you need.
I doubt he will. He's obviously having way too much fun composing his little write ups. Which rather begs the question: why does he have so much (too much) time on his hands? Is he retired? On sick leave? Unemployed/unemployable?

Cuter and more erudite
than Hello Jimmy!? For sure.

Mark and Craig Kielburger Want Canadian Kids to Feel Guilty About Eating Ice Cream

Call 'em the Grinches of ice cream, 'cuz they know how to take one of life's little pleasures--one which can loom larger when you live in a country where winter is long and summer is brief--and turn it into an opportunity for preachy uplift.

In an effort to dispel their guilting, I'm going to serve myself a scoop of Kawartha Dairy's Death By Chocolate in a sugar cone as I hum this song from a classic Canadian musical.

I'm digging in--guilt-free.

Muslim Reformers' "Trick" Is No Treat

Ali Sina, an Iranian ex-Muslim writer, poses the confounding question of our day: how can Muslim "reformers" express reverence for Islam's founder and yet do their utmost to try to distance themselves from his more violent and draconian ways and teachings, including his call to wage jihad until such time as the infidel submits (to the lowly status Islam forces on him) and agrees to fork over what, in Mafioso terms, would be called "protection money," but which Islam calls the jizya?

Sina views this sort of compartmentalization as a kind of "trick". A feat of legerdemain and sleight of hand as the problematic is fudged, misrepresented or outright ignored. (Another tactic, one which Daniel Pipes, who should know better, has been known to employ: assert that Islam must not be "essentialized," because that's a disservice to the reform-minded who want to focus only on the fluffy, non-threatening form of jihad that amounts to a personal, internal "struggle" to be a good Muslim.)

Me? I think it's more a matter of silencing any and all cognitive dissonance that may or may not break through the reformers' denial barrier every now and them.

Can They Rebuild Them (the Terror Tunnels)? Yes, They Can!

World turns a blind eye to Hamas boasts about its subterranean reconstruction, which is already underway.

Update: The frenzied, fanatical tunnel builders sing:

The Koran say Jews are apes 'n' pigs.
Low-down scum who are on the skids.
We dig and dig--that's what we do
So one day soon we'll bury you.

Get nearly six billion bucks and what do you see?
A sprouting underground economy.
Haniyah'd never stop it--it's key to his scheme:
The death of Zion's been his feverish dream.
(Do do do do do do do do.)

I was born one mornin' when I read Qutb.
MuBros thinker who was out for blood.
Heaved infamy on the infidel.
He fanned the flames so they'd rot in Hell.

Get nearly six billion bucks and what do you see?
A sprouting underground economy.
Haniyah's on board with the building scheme.
A Zion genocide's his favorite dream.
(Do do do do do do do do.)...

Rotten and Disgusting: McGill University Student Association Singles Out Jewish State for Opprobrium, Aims to Pass Anti-Israel Resolution

You can read it here; as a precaution against projectile vomiting onto your computer screen, might I suggest ingesting a dose of Gravol at least 20 minutes prior to clicking on the link.

For those who wish to forgo the "treat" of reading vile Zionhass tarted up as empathy for the downtrodden, here's a brief synopsis: Their collective hearts bleed for the poor Palestinians who have been bombed and blockaded by the perfidious Zionists. There's no mention, of course, of Hamas, a jihadi terrorist criminal enterprise, and its genocidal dreams as outlined in its Charter. That wouldn't square with the Palestinians-as-the-Jews'-victim narrative that's all the rage on university campuses these days.

Update: Symptomatic of the rot infesting campuses, an American academic association claims that its decision to single out Israel for a boycott is in no way discriminatory.

No, not even a little bit.

Such an upending of reality and rationality always tends to lead me back to that seminal/chicken-or-egg question: Does Zionhass/useful idiocy make you stupid, or must one be stupid (meaning open to awful/hateful/crackpot ideas) to begin with? Or maybe it's like a Mobius strip of stupidity: one is open to these bad ideas, which leads one down the arid desert path to Zionhass/useful idiocy, which perpetuates one's stupidity, which therefore sustains the Zionhass/useful idiocy. Borrowing from Sartre, one could describe that endless loop affording Israel Huis Clos--No Exit.

"I Will Not Be Silent": Naftali Bennett

The uppity Israeli, accused (falsely) by a Kerry factotum of turning one of her nitwit boss's "deep" thoughts into an "anti-Semitic canard," is hitting back (as well he should):
Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, on Sunday, reiterated and expanded criticism of remarks by American Secretary of State, John Kerry, last week, which implied the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was responsible for the Islamic State terror group’s recruiting successes. 
Asserting, “I will not be silent,” Bennett said in a Facebook post, that, “The notion regarding the centrality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not true and puts Israel at risk,” and called to “immediately and forcefully dismiss this dangerous theory.”
Exactly. In fact, the "dangerous theory" that "solving" the Israel-Palestinian issue is the key to Middle East stability is arguably the biggest canard around.

Update: The issue is Kerry's incompetence, not Israeli manners