Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Is Jihad the Same as Terrorism?"

According to a new RCMP handbook designed to curtail the radicalization of Muslim young'uns--it was created with input from the entity formerly known as CAIR-CAN--the answer to that question, you probably won't be surprised to learn, is
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Jihad is an Arabic term meaning striving, struggling and exertion in the path of good. Every day a Muslim struggles with his/her desires and does good and strives to be a better human being he/she is performing jihad. Prophet Muhammad told his companions as they went home after a battle:
“We are returning from the lesser jihad [the battle] to the greater jihad,” the far more vital and crucial task of extinguishing transgression from one’s own society and one’s own heart. (Riyadh-us-Saliheen)
Well, okay. Then what about that cockamamie notion that jihad is a Muslim holy war and, according to Islamic doctrine, the obligation of every single Muslim?:
Jihad is not holy war either.  Islam allows for Jihad in the form of a military action in self defense only. Even in self-defence, terrorism and violence against civilians, women, children, non combatant spiritual leaders and destruction of infrastructure, places of worship, poisoning of wells (food supplies) and burning of orchids is strictly prohibited. Generally Islamic tradition and law encourages peaceful resolution through negotiations over military combat.
Generally speaking, that's a vast rewriting of history for the purposes of sanitizing Islam's history of conquest via jihad.
Also--the burning of orchids? Seriously?
If I didn't know for a fact that the "Jihad is not holy war either" paragraph was taken directly from the RCMP handbook, I might have mistaken it for satire. That our equivalent of the FBI considers it to be, you should pardon the expression, the gospel truth, is more than pathetic. It is downright terrifying.

Update: Something you won't read in the RCMP handbook--Islam's founder, who first and foremost was a warrior, used to name his swords. He gave one of his favorite ones a super-special name: Cleaver of Vertebrae.

Update: But wait, it gets worst. In a Section headed "What Does the RCMP Believe Is the Root Cause of Terrorism?" (p. 19) we learn that
There are no single “root causes” of terrorism. Research has indicated that there may be several reasons that may influence someone to go down a path of violent criminal activity. Some of the reasons could include family or social influence, the sense of belonging or status, devotion to a cause, sense of adventure, revenge/grievance, or feelings of victimization or alienation.
So don't you be thinking that it has anything to do with the siren call of jihad embedded in the Quran because that's just plain old "Islamophobia." And if you don't believe me, the handbook mentions some Muslim authorities you can consult (because they have demonstrated " good understanding of life and Islam in North America" and have a firm grasp of "the current geo-political environment"; p. 13). They include (my links):
Dr. Ingrid Mattison (sic), Sheikh Zaid Shakir, Sheikh Humza Yusuf, Dr. Jamal Badawi, Dr. Iqbal Nadawi, Sheikh Siraj Wahaj, Dr. Ihsan Bagby, Sheikh Abdallah Idris, (sic) Ali, Imam Ahmed Kutty, Imam Slimi, Imam Yusuf Badat, Ustad Nouman Ali Khan and Imam Sikander Hashmi.
The cover alone tells you the contents are worse than worthless


Grovel, Grovel, Cringe, Bow, Stoop, Fall

In other words, the posture the Canadian Human Rights Commission assumes in the face of one of the odious UN "human rights" body's "Special Rapporteurs":
The Canadian Human Rights Commission would like to thank former Special Rapporteur James Anaya for his report, and in particular, for bringing to your attention the issues facing Indigenous peoples in Canada. The Commission shares many of his concerns.  Acting Chief Commissioner David Langtry was pleased to meet with the Special Rapporteur during his time in Canada and the Commission would like to acknowledge the efforts made by the Government to facilitate Mr. Anaya’s visit. 
The Canadian Human Rights Commission is Canada’s National Human Rights Institution.  
It works cooperatively with provincial and territorial human rights institutions, Indigenous peoples’ organizations and civil society to promote and protect human rights. 
In 2008, the Canadian Human Rights Act was amended so that discrimination complaints could be filed concerning matters governed by the Indian Act. This provided access to avenues of redress that had previously been closed to Indigenous peoples. 
Since the coming into force of this amendment, the Commission has received complaints involving many of the important systemic issues identified by the Special Rapporteur such as equitable and culturally appropriate access to child welfare and other services in Indigenous communities.  This experience has demonstrated that, while positive steps have been taken, a range of barriers continue to impact Indigenous peoples’ access to human rights justice in a meaningful way.  
One such barrier is the fact that Indigenous women and girls in Canada face a persistent and disproportionate level of violence. The Commission recognizes that people facing discrimination and violence suffer more acutely if they lack access to justice.   
The Commission will continue its efforts towards ensuring that all Indigenous peoples have access to justice, guided by the human rights principles enshrined in the Canadian Human Rights Act and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. To this end, the Commission is hosting a series of roundtable discussions with Indigenous women from coast to coast to coast, regarding the barriers to justice they encounter, as well as how to eliminate or reduce those barriers.   
As a final note, the Commission would like to congratulate Ms. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, on her recent appointment as Special Rapporteur. The Commission recognizes the positive impact that the Special Rapporteur’s work has on reconciliation, and urges Governments, Indigenous peoples, human rights institutions and civil society in Canada to work towards implementing the recommendations in her predecessor’s report. It’s the Commission’s sincere hope that, through these collective efforts, Ms. Tauli-Corpuz will observe measurable progress in the advancement of the rights of Indigenous peoples should she visit Canada in future years.

Thank you.
To paraphrase Sigmund Freud: the CHRC can most highly recommend the UN's "human rights" Special Rapporteurs to everyone.

Cold Turkey Time

Caroline Glick says it's time for Israel to kick its PLO habit, an addiction that has brought us nothing but grief.

Disgusting: Babi Yar Monument Vandalized in the Ukraine

Cue the Yevtushenko:
No monument stands over Babi Yar.
A steep cliff only, like the rudest headstone.
I am afraid.
Today, I am as old
As the entire Jewish race itself...
No fiber of my body will forget this.
May "Internationale" thunder and ring
When, for all time, is buried and forgotten
The last of antisemites on this earth...
Clearly, that time has not yet arrived.

Liverpool Soccer Team's "Happy New Year" Tweet Unleashes Torrents of Zionhass

Here's an example of how "inclusion" plays out in the U.K.:
A Rosh Hashanah tweet from Liverpool Football Club was removed after it received a barrage of antisemitic abuse online. 
The club tweeted on Thursday night: “Liverpool FC would like to wish all our Jewish supporters around the world a happy new year. #RoshHashanah.” 
However, the post prompted a torrent of offensive replies, many referencing Hitler, and a few hours later the tweet was removed by the club, along with the comments. 
A Liverpool spokesperson said: “Due to a number of offensive comments that were attached to a tweet on the official LFC twitter account, the tweet and comments have since been removed from the account.” 
Kick It Out, Football’s inclusion and equality organisation, received a number of complaints and contacted Liverpool. However, the football club acted independently in removing the messages.
A spokesperson for Kick It Out told the Guardian: “It is encouraging that a football club recognises these holidays and religious landmarks – Liverpool did the same for Ramadan – but extremely sad when a club does that in a proactive manner and gets these responses...
"Sad," is it? I wouldn't say it's "sad" so much as it is entirely predictable. What do you expect when, in the name of the fatuous doctrine of multiculturalism, you allow millions of Ramadan-celebrating, soccer-loving, Zion-loathing hooligans to come live in your land?

Iran Accused of Killing Its Own Nuclear Scientist (After First Blaming His Death on Israel)

Apparently, the scientist was reluctant to build a nuke for the Grandiose Ayatollah, and therefore rendered himself nonessential.

And speaking of His Grandiosity, NYT opiner Roger Cohen thinks we should solicit his assistance in order to defeat our common enemy, ISIS. I wrote this letter by way of saying nuts to that:
Using that old "enemy of my enemy is my friend" argument, the one the U.S. employed when it hooked up with Stalin (who had for a brief time been allied with Hitler) to defeat the Nazis, Roger Cohen would have us make common cause with, of all countries, Iran.
There's a word for such an idea, and it's one which has a distinctly Cold War ring to it: it is MAD.
In case the meaning of that acronym has slipped your mind, it is short for "Mutually Assured Destruction." It refers to what would be triggered if and when one power with nuclear weapons (either America or the Soviets) decided to drop an A-bomb on the other, and therefore acted as a deterrent to that Dr. Strangelove scenario.
Alas, it does not apply to an atomically-empowered Iran. For one thing, you are dealing with religious fanatics who, unlike Godless Communists, put little value on life in the here and now and who are looking forward to spending an eternity in a balmy Paradise while we non-believers roil in Hell. For another, "mutually assured destruction" squares with the Shia's end-times narrative which requires such a cataclysm to effect the return of their messiah, the long-hibernating twelfth imam.
For those reasons, an alliance with Iran is sheer MADness--only without the element of deterrence. And Roger Cohen, who has had some nutty ideas about Iran in the past, should have his head examined for even suggesting it.

WTF? Valerie Jarett Was On "The Good Wife"?

In a cameo role, she was said to be highly unconvincing as a political operative.

Thereby mimicking her role in real life (buh dum tssshhh).

Monday, September 29, 2014

What's the Deal With ISIS's Decapitation Inclination?

Contemporary theologians have been drawing comparisons of the extremist beliefs and actions of the Khawarij to those of the Islamic State. The analysis illuminates the dangerous allure of this militant group, and Muslims’ duty to combat them by all means. The sword and the pen have now joined forces: Nations have mobilized to destroy the Islamic State, while more than 100 international Muslim scholars have issued a refutation of the group’s anti-Islamic ideology. 
The Prophet Mohammed had warned the nascent Muslim community about a sect that would emerge from Iraq; its followers would pray, recite the Koran, call for sharia and invoke God in persuasive fashion. Yet, the Prophet warned, they would have nothing to do with Islam, for their actions would betray the very fundamentals of the faith. In the name of God, they would kill those who did not agree with their interpretation. They would consist mostly of youths with “foolish dreams” of grandeur. And, if he were alive when they emerged, he would fight them, for they would be the “worst of creation.” 
The Khawarij emerged shortly after the Prophet’s death...
Wow, that was very prescient of him. There's a far simpler explanation for the beheadings, though, but it's one that true believer and propagandist-for-Islam Sheema would, for obvious reasons, prefer we ignore: the Prophet himself was into decapitation in a really big way. And for those who believe in the literal truth of Islamic doctrine, that can be reason enough to perpetuate the practice.

"Climate Change Is Affecting Gravity"

Nuh uh. Climate change (or at least, the specter thereof) is affecting sanity.

Silly Infidel Compares Entity Formerly Known as CAIR-CAN's Libel Case Against the Harper Gov't to Maher Arar's

Found a link to this one (under "LATEST TWEETS") on the NCCM site:
What happened to Maher Arar wasn't supposed to ever happen again.
Arar, a Canadian citizen with a wife, a family and a good job, was 'rendered' to a Syrian prison in 2002. There he was tortured for months because anonymous Canadian officials, working hand-in-glove with the U.S. government, used bogus 'intelligence' to tar him as a terrorist.
Simply put, that's what former Ontario Associate Chief Justice Dennis O'Connor concluded after he exhaustively examined what happened to Arar and why it happened.  In the end, Ottawa had to pay Arar millions of dollars for smearing his name and for permitting a loyal Canadian to be secretly shipped like a piece of baggage - first to Jordan, then to Syria, where he was kept in a coffin-like cell where rats roamed free.
Despite the horror that Arar endured - and the undeniable role that powerful Canadian officials played in it - more Canadians are being put in a position of having to defend themselves against the terrorist smear. This time, the powerful government officials making the terrorist-ties accusation aren't anonymous. They're in the PMO.
And the latest target of the thinly-veiled 'terrorist' smear is the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), an independent, non-partisan, non-profit group that has worked for 14 years on human rights and civil liberties issues on behalf of Canadian Muslims.
The NCCM is having none of it. In May, the Ottawa-based NGO filed a defamation lawsuit against Harper and his chief spokesperson Jason MacDonald, after the latter told Sun News that he would "not take seriously criticism from an organization with documented ties to a terrorist organization such as Hamas."
And what did the NCCM do to offend the government's notoriously fragile (verging on paranoid) sensibilities? It criticized Harper for including a controversial rabbi in his official delegation to Israel in January. That's it, largely. This rather mild rebuke prompted MacDonald to go nuclear and accuse one of Canada's oldest Muslim-Canadian advocacy groups of having concrete links to Hamas.
Let's be frank about what that incendiary broadside - delivered to a so-called news channel operating as a bullhorn for the Conservative party - really means. The odious accusation here is that the NCCM is a hive of terrorist sympathizers, or worse. The ghost of Joe McCarthy haunts the PMO.
Let's be frank about what this infidel is doing by hauling out Joe McCarthy's ghost: he's trying to smear the most pro-Israel government in the world. And let's be frank about what NCCM really is: not a victim, and certainly not a victim of torture. It's CAIR mutton dressed up as a sort of Anti-Defamation League lamb.

Britian's Future By the Numbers

Read 'em and weep: