Friday, August 22, 2014

Wishful Thinking in the HuffPo U.K.

What underdogma and tommyrot!

The Luck of Hamas: It's Fighting "Wicked, Colonialist" Israelis, So the Media and Lefty Buffoons Like Pelosi Overlook Its Obvious Resemblance to Other Groups Waging Jihad

Jonathan S. Tobin writes:
While House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other credulous liberals may believe the propaganda spewed by Hamas ally Qatar about it being a social welfare organization, the truth is that it is just as much a terror group as those more notorious groups that target Westerners and Americans. Though much of the Western media seems intent on sanitizing Hamas and ignoring its use of human shields, it needs no lessons in brutality from either al-Qaeda or ISIS, as the deaths of the Palestinians who have been killed for dissenting from their tyrannical rule of Gaza could attest. 
As is the case with ISIS, there is no compromising with Hamas. Just as the Islamist terrorists in Iraq and Syria will not be bribed or cajoled into giving up their goal of imposing their religiously inspired nightmare vision on the world, neither will Hamas be satisfied with anything less than the eradication of Israel and the genocide of its Jewish population. 
As with ISIS, there is no “political solution” to a conflict with Hamas, only a military one. So long as Hamas is allowed to remain in power in Gaza, there is no hope for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Like Osama bin Laden and those who seek to kill Americans today, Hamas operatives are fair game for targeted assassinations. While the aim of Israeli Defense Force strikes on Hamas targets may not be any more perfect than those of their American counterparts elsewhere, they provide the only answer to an ideology that can’t be appeased.
Here's the thing: I don't think the PA/Fatah ideology, which also aims to eliminate/eradicate Israel, can be appeased either. And to think that it can, and that there's wiggle room for negotiation and ultimately a peace deal with the likes of Abbas, is in its own way as delusional as the lefty belief that Hamas has its good points.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

An Islamist "Solution" for That Pesky Joooish State Taking Up Space in the Otherwise Impeccably Islamic Landscape

Here it is:
Proposed solution for Israel-Gaza conflict 

Ex-Archbish of Squish Rowan Williams Sez Islam Is "Rejuvinating" British Values

Ro, the old goat, appears to be off his meds again:
Britain’s former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has said that Islam is rejuvenating “British values” during a critical speech against Islamophobic segments of the British media. 
Speaking to an audience of thousands at the annual Living Islam Festival, organised by the Islamic Society of Britain in Lincolnshire on Friday, the ex-archbishop praised mosques that have been working with local parishes to provide family services and youth activities. 
The Independent reported that Dr. Williams, who in 2008 called for the application of certain aspects of Islamic law in the UK, also criticized the notion of “British values,” saying that they should be more universal...
"Universal"? Oh, you mean like Islam itself?

Here's a recent photo showing some of the "rejuvenation" process in action:

Here's another (which mentions the "universal"):

Er, Wouldn't It Be More Honest to Blame the Jihad Imperative Embedded In Islamic Teachings?

British Muslims blame jihad subculture after beheading video

"Subculture"? I think not.

Unintentionally Amusing Liberal Spin Du Jour

An article on the Ceeb site explains how the Liberals put a positive spin on their ninny of a leader's witless comments:
The party takes advantage of [Justin] Trudeau's warmth and uses his personality as a shield to defend him when he says something ill-advised, calling him authentic and unrehearsed.
Tee hee. The truth is he's as thick as a mud puddle--and not nearly as deep.

Artie Erdogan, Turkey's Loose Canon

Here are ten of the Islamist's ca-raziest quotes.

Qatar Gives Sanctuary and Succor to Hamas Evil and is Therefore Evil, Too

Just because it's awash in oil lucre, has the shmanciest skyscrapers, is home base for allegedly innocuous news outfit Al Jazeera and isn't, say, Iran, that doesn't mean Qatar isn't mired in the morass of Islamic evil, the existential totalitarian threat of our time.

Assad's Staying Power

The chinless slaughterer is banking on "the enemy of my enemy is my pal" trope to refloat his sinking fortunes:
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syria is wagering that Islamic State's push to reshape the Middle East will eventually force a hostile West to deal with President Bashar al-Assad as the only way to tackle the threat. 
While Assad's forces escalate their fight with Islamic State militants in the Syrian civil war, the United States is staging air strikes on the same group across the frontier in Iraq. This, along with United Nations sanctions targeting the Sunni Muslim militants in both Syria and Iraq, has strengthened Assad's belief that the United States and Europe are coming around to his way of viewing the conflict, according to sources familiar with Syrian government thinking.
Officials in the Western governments which have backed the uprising against Assad dismiss the idea of rapprochement.

Syria is not Iraq, they say.

But growing Western concern about Islamic State is stirring debate about Syria policy. More than three years into the civil war, the moderate Syrian opposition that the West hoped would prevail has been eclipsed by radical Islamists.

The Damascus government, already heartened by visits from European intelligence agencies reported by Syrian officials earlier this year, sees the war on Islamic State as opening up new possibilities for engagement...

Good Move

Aussie U cancels "honour killings are swell" speaker.

Justin Trudeau, Mealy-Mouthed Mosqueteer

He's out and about, glad-handing the radical--and the reliably Liberal--in masjids hither and yon.

I think that merits a song:

Who's the leader of the Libs
Who knows just where to go?
Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!
It's "diversity," you know.

His sympathy for them is without peer!

He'll go far,
(Allahu Akbar!),
And down the Joooos'll go.
J-U-S-T-I-N  T-R-U-D-EAU...