Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jon Stewart's Replacement on the Daily Show NOT a Fan of Israel--Or Of Jewry

He does, however (and of course), love himself and the Palestinians.

Tricky Hillary

Hillary's Nixonian moment

Lucky for Mrs. Clinton she didn't need a Rosemary Woods to account for
the gaps in her records.

Anything Goes in Lausanne

With apologies galore to Mr. Porter:

In olden days (before Khomeini)
You know Iran hadn't any plans to explode.
Now nukes are a go.
Good diplomats who weren't so craven
Would never have caved to ravin' by Ayato's
Now nukes are a go
The world's down the drain today,
There's "Hussein" today,
And bad's good today
In his 'hood today,
'Cuz Israel today
Is in the way today
As "ev'rybody" knows.
Obama's out to lunch and bonkers
And while he stoops Iran conquers. So apropos
That nukes are a go...

History Repeats (Like Bad Chopped Liver)

First there was the Wannsee  Conference, which gave the go-ahead for the "Final Solution"...

...now there's the Lausanne Conference, which may well give the go-ahead for the "Final Final Solution."

Update: "It's one cave after another..."

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Evil Men (Like Obama) Do

Re making a deal with the devil, Cal Thomas writes:
The president is cozying up to a nation that oppresses women, has an apocalyptic view of the world and believes that if it starts a nuclear war the 12th Imam — the Islamic messiah — will emerge from a well and bring peace on Earth and good will, at least to Shia Muslim men. Women will remain subject to male domination and have only the few rights given to them by men. 
Israel, which embraces Western values of free elections, religious tolerance and pluralism, a free press and equal rights for women is treated by President Obama and his administration as Iran should be treated. Do these people suffer from diplomatic dyslexia, or anti-Semitism?
Why must we choose when, clearly, these people suffer from both?

Graduation Day for ISIS Class of '15

So touching. And I hear every single one of 'em already has a "job" (it's called "jihad", and the turnover is brutal).

Beeb Chief Says that Under the Circumstances It's "Tough" to Be Balanced Re Israel and Hamas

Considering that the circumstances include the Beeb's endemic Zionhass along with its masochistic adoration of jihadi thugs who want to destroy Israel for the sake of Islam, he rather has a point.

Update: Here's another unbalanced (and unhinged) Brit.

The Ultimate No-No Du Jour

Jamie Foxx is in big trouble for daring to make "jokes" about transitioning "transparent" Bruce Jenner.

Update: On the other hand, if you want to use a familiar anti-Semitic trope in the pages of the New Yorker, as Lena Dunham does here, that's A-OK--and high-larious:
Lena’s quiz is another example of anti-Semitism on the left, that while it never mentions Israel, the Palestinians or the Middle East, is contributing to a broader dehumanization in leftist media that does focus on the above. 
I don’t believe that Lena Dunham has any malicious agenda towards Jews. What is exceedingly disturbing is that someone who has grown up surrounded by Jews believes that it is acceptable to publish ridiculing and dehumanizing tropes humorously, that are exactly those tropes that have been part and parcel of real historical and present anti-Semitism. What is exceedingly disturbing is that so many in my generation of American Jews whose parents put an emphasis on secular over Jewish education, are inclined to take this language lightly.

Read more: Why Lena Dunham's comedic gaffe is so alarming | Avi Taranto | The Blogs | The Times of Israel http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/why-lena-dunhams-comedic-gaffe-is-exceedingly-alarming/#ixzz3VrsgThIg
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Bruce Jenner as a chick? Frankly, I prefer Tootsie's look.

Word Is Out That Obama Is Going to Passover Israel

According to a story in the WaPo,
the Obama administration is getting ready to back a U.N. Security Council resolution that would, in his words, “mandate the solution to the questions Israelis and Palestinians have been unable to agree upon for decades, such as the future status of Jerusalem.” Why does this matter? If Israel rejects peace terms imposed on it by outsiders, the effort to turn the Jewish homeland into a pariah state will gain enormous ground. This is a consequence that the president must fully understand. If Obama’s champions are to be believed, he is a subtle strategic thinker with a deep understanding of history. So no, his efforts to radically remake our relationship with Israel isn’t a reflection of ignorance or a lack of familiarity with the basics of the conflict. If the president chooses to pursue this dangerous course, let no American who values our alliance with Israel, or for that matter our national honor, ever forget it. 
And let no Jew forget that Obama is the latest in a long line of Jewry's enemies, only one of whom was Pharaoh. 

Update: Melanie Phillips doesn't think Obama will be allowed to get away with it. She says
the American people remain overwhelmingly supportive of Israel. This is largely because of the great mass of biblically-faithful Christians, for whom the Jews and the state of Israel are indeed God's beloved people (albeit to be converted at the end of days) and promised land.  
Beyond these Christians, most Americans believe Israel represents their values and serves as the front line of their defence. More profoundly, they identify with Israel because they feel America is also a special and blessed land with a mission to the world. For sure, this support is now under attack. Jewish students are running the gauntlet of anti-Israel aggression on US campuses. The coverage of Israel by the New York Times is a breathtaking display of sustained journalistic malice and distortion. 
Despite all this, those who want to destroy the US /Israel relationship face an obstacle. For the real "Israel lobby" is not America's tiny Jewish community. It is America itself. 
I agree, but Obama seems to know how to ignore/bypass/get around what Americans want and do his own thing (so to speak).

Today is "Land Day"--for the Jews

On this day 3,327 years ago, "the People of Israel crossed the Jordan River to enter the Land of Israel promised to them by God, in accordance with His Commandment."

Remarkable How Incurious the Media Are About Harry Reid's Cock-and-Bull Story About His, Um, "Accident"

Were a Republican senator from Nevada to show up with his injuries, claiming that his exercise equipment went rogue and did the deed, the media would be crawling all over it. But this being Harry Reid, no one in the corrupt, left-leaning media seems to be questioning his obviously fallacious excuse or his sudden subsequent retirement. Could the truth have less to do with a workout regime gone wrong and be more about some goons from Vegas making him an offer (i.e. "retire--or else") he didn't dare refuse?