Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bigots, Racists and Cranks, Oh My!

As a WaPo scribbler sees it, that's me and you and anyone else who opposes the execrable nuke deal. (But a treaty that gives crazed Shias the means to follow through on their threats to liquidate the world's one and only Jewish State--that's not racist, right, pal?)

Update: Looks like most Americans are bigots, racists and cranks (and thank God for that!).

York Region Synagogue on Alert After Jew-Haters in Hoodies Are See Casing the Joint

No worries, though. The police in this region just north of Toronto are devoted to "diversity, equity and inclusion," and you know how well that works with testy types who harbour a deep-seated animus towards Jewry.

Let's just hope they don't assign Inspector "Little" Ricky Veerepan to the case.

After Shafting Israel With His Crappy Nuke Deal, Kerry Skips Over the Jewish State During His Latest Mideast Visit

Good plan, John. You wouldn't want your Giorgio Armani suit to be pelted by rotting produce hurled by irate Jews. (I wonder--would you get arrested in Israel for calling John Kerry, prophet of "peace in our time," a pig? What about if one called him "hameshuggah"--the crazy one--the descriptor Medieval Jewish sage Moses Maimonides employed to characterize Islam's founder, a man who, let's recall, is said to have transformed impudent Jewry into "apes and pigs"?)

Update: 'Please Stop Talking, John Kerry'

A Show of Support By Ireland's Moderate Muslims

Sorry, I forgot to put the word "pathetic" before the word "show" since a whopping 50 non-jihadis turned out for the event.

Monday, July 27, 2015

"Imam Khomeini Is Alive"

Nothing that some garlic and a wooden stake couldn't remedy, surely. (To repeat my comment re zombies, vampires and other blood-thirsty beings who prey on the living: I don't care for the undead, the non-dead, the been dead, the were dead. I say if you're dead stay that way, and don't come back.)

Kurds and Woe

If only the Kurds' neighbor/enemy was Israel, and if only they were being "occupied" by Jews, they would have the same high profile and elicit the same sympathy as do the Palestinians. It is the Kurds' misfortune, though, to have enemies who are other Muslims, the reason their plight and fight for statehood continues to be largely ignored

WSJ Headline: Obama Blasts GOP Critics of Iran Deal

Under the circumstances (those being that the deal paves the way for Iran to get nukes) perhaps the word "blast" was ill-chosen.

I guess it would have been worse--but in a way even more apropos--had the headline read "Obama Goes Ballistic Over GOP Critics of Iran Deal."

Update: Obama slams Huckabee for invoking the Holocaust in his criticism of Iran deal

Good on Mick for being the one to point out that the emperor has no clothes (and boo to the nekkid, arrogant, clueless emperor).

Update: Cruz, too, says it like it is: "If this deal goes through the Obama administration becomes the leading financier of terrorism against Americans in the world."

Update: Melanie Phillips nails it--"This plan has endorsed Iran, the West’s sworn enemy and the world’s principal sponsor of terrorism, as a nuclear threshold state."

Canada's 'Clever' Dudley Do-Rights Target 'Scary' Jewish 'Extremists'

I, for one, sleep not at all soundly at night knowing that the RCMP is on the hunt for those who peacefully defy Muslim extremists who pursue and purvey the jihad. Bear in mind that this is the same police force that hasn't got a clue about the Islamic sources of holy war/terrorism.

A Headline That Pretty Much Says It All Re Israel and the Palestinians

As Jews Mourn Destruction of Temples, Palestinian Authority Denies They Ever Existed

New Poll: U.S. Jews Support Iran Deal Despite Misgivings

There is no excuse for such short-sightedness and idiocy.

As for moi, I have no misgivings about this deal being a mistake of historic and catastrophic proportions. I have serious misgivings, however, about American Jews being able to remove their heads from the tucheses long enough to discern the horrible reality that confronts them. To wit: Barack Obama, the POTUS Jews still adore, is a very stupid man who is hell-bent on doing the heavy lifting for the greatest evil of our time.

"It Gets Quite Dense, Sort of Like Reading the Minutes of the Wannsee Conference in Farsi"

So says Roger L. Simon re Obama's odious nuke treaty, a dense document created by dense men who have crafted something that amounts to a road map for the final Final Solution. And now it's...

Springtime for Iran and Khomeini.
Shias are pleased as can be...

Everybody sing!